Aurora Diagnostics LLC Acquires Austin Pathology Associates, PA

Aurora Diagnostics LLC today announced the addition of Austin Pathology Associates (“APA”) to its national network of pathology practices.  Established in 1972, APA is one of the largest pathology group practices in Central Texas and provides professional anatomic and clinical pathology services at several major hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics located in the greater Austin, Texas region.  Haverford Healthcare Advisors initiated this transaction and served as exclusive financial advisor to Aurora Diagnostics LLC.

Aurora Diagnostics LLC, of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a specialized laboratory company. The company was founded in 2006 as a platform for the acquisition and integration of anatomic pathology and other diagnostic laboratory businesses. Aurora Diagnostics provides liquidity, financial upside, administrative resources, and accelerated growth opportunities to laboratory owners while allowing them to maintain their entrepreneurial approach and operational independence.  Aurora also provides a bundle of services such as sales and marketing, information and medical technology, accounting and tax, risk management, managed care contracting and follow-on acquisitions to help laboratory owners perform their core business more efficiently and effectively.

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