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Transaction Advisory & Business Valuation Services

Specialty Physician Practices & Healthcare Services Companies

Haverford Healthcare Advisors is a specialized financial consulting firm dedicated to providing transaction advisory and business valuation services to healthcare services companies.

Our professionals are national leaders and experts and have successfully completed hundreds of advisory projects involving healthcare services companies nationwide with valuations typically ranging from $5 to $250 million.

Founded in 1994, Haverford Healthcare Advisors has a long track record of exceptional success and an outstanding professional reputation built on trust, integrity and perseverance.


Transaction Advisory Services

Haverford Healthcare Advisors’ professionals bring an experienced and unbiased perspective to help physicians and healthcare business owners successfully complete transactions and achieve their objectives.

Business Valuation Services

Having performed over 2,000 separate valuation projects involving specialty physician practices and healthcare services businesses, Haverford Healthcare Advisors is the valuation specialist of choice for numerous small, mid-sized, and large healthcare enterprises throughout the United States.

Outsourced Acquisition Services

Haverford Healthcare Advisors works with selected clients to manage their acquisition programs. We can develop a customized program to help acquisitive companies accelerate the pace and increase the success of their acquisition program.


We are committed experts, focused on serving the Healthcare Services industry.

Healthcare Services

Haverford Healthcare Advisors has a well-established track record of successfully providing transaction advisory and business valuation services to a variety of healthcare services companies.

Specialty Physician Practices

Haverford Healthcare Advisors has a unique expertise and focus on providing transaction advisory and business valuation services to specialty physician group practices.


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The professionals at Haverford Healthcare Advisors are seasoned experts that have successfully completed hundreds of transaction advisory and business valuation projects for the benefit of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions about M&A Healthcare Advisors

Health systems, physician practices, or other healthcare companies can come together in a variety of different ways. One of the most popular methods is mergers, in which two or more companies join together to form a larger entity. With the help of M&A healthcare advisors, it’s not just one larger company absorbing a smaller competitor. Instead, it’s forming an “alliance” that will take advantage of the strengths of each respective party and which can lead to major changes in the healthcare industry.

It’s important to note that healthcare mergers are not as common as acquisitions because it’s less likely both firms will equally profit from the partnership. In an outright acquisition, the buyer will be in control and make all the decisions. In a merger, each party has to agree to all decisions, which can prove cumbersome.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Merger in the Healthcare Industry?

The process of healthcare mergers can be quite pricey, and not all companies are willing to invest the time and money to investigate a potential merger. However, by working with M & A healthcare consulting firms, merging with another company can be easier than one might think. The use of an experienced M&A healthcare consulting firm will expedite the process and enhance the probability of a successful merger.

The following are some benefits of executing this transaction:

Reduce Expenses

Joining forces with another healthcare company could result in significant expense savings. Expense savings could include the ability to reduce office space requirements, potentially reducing duplicative staffing in the back office, and achieving greater purchasing power with respect to supplies and other expenses. It’s more than a smart decision to streamline your healthcare business with another.

Market Share Expansion

Top-rated healthcare M&A consulting firms like Haverford Healthcare specialize in guiding physician practice and other healthcare entities through the complex merger process, ensuring a seamless transition and helping the merger participants to expand their market share in a manner that each participant a company wouldn’t be able to do individually.

Enhance Patient Care in a healthcare company.

By becoming part of a larger entity as a result of a merger, healthcare providers can provide patients with access to more subspecialized providers and treatments, can obtain more favorable payer contracts, can provide patients with better access to treatment at more locations, and improve the overall wellbeing of their patient base.

It’s important to note that healthcare mergers are not as common as acquisitions because it’s less likely both firms will equally profit from the partnership. In an outright acquisition, the buyer will be in control and make all the decisions. In a merger, each party has to agree to all decisions, which can prove cumbersome.

Unlike a merger, acquisitions can sometimes result in a former company being dissolved altogether. The process is comparable to purchasing an existing business or franchise. 

Imagine two healthcare institutions coming together to create something bigger and better. One company swoops in and acquires the other to expand its reach, improve its services, or enter a new market. Sometimes, it’s not just the big fish swallowing the small, and there may be an equal match made in heaven. But once the best deal is done, things can change. The buyer will be in control following the acquisition.

New policies, hiring tactics, and hours are introduced, and it could be a smooth or rocky transition depending on how friendly or hostile the acquisition was. But if both sides are on board, it could lead to great success and value for the team, client, organization, and everyone involved.

A great example is to think about a situation where you want to buy out another company, but the target healthcare company’s team is not on board with this. They might try to block the deal altogether or simply say “no thanks” to your offer. That’s where M&A healthcare consulting services come in. They help businesses navigate the complex waters of healthcare mergers and acquisitions. 

Are you a physician practice or healthcare provider looking to grow your business? Consider an M&A healthcare consulting firm! Not only will merging with another company give your business a leg up in the competitive market, but it also has some amazing financial benefits. Also, the M&A allows you to boost commercial ties, broaden your selection of goods and consulting services, raise brand recognition, and increase its capacity at a reduced cost. 

Still, feeling a bit skeptical about hiring a professional M&A healthcare consulting firm? Check out these fantastic benefits:

Provide a New Service

Preparing partners to develop or buy a healthcare business will allow healthcare organizations to offer new services to clients and partners to help clients drive down their healthcare expenses. It’s a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved!

New Opportunities

If a healthcare business wants to go to the next level, consider merging or making an acquisition with another healthcare entity. By making this move, they could tap into new markets, bring in more revenue, and ultimately grow their brand. It’s a big decision, but it could pay off big time in the end!

When considering the value and possibility of healthcare mergers as a form of growth, strategic planning, and business rationale, there are several critical factors that must be carefully assessed in order to maximize value and execute a successful deal.

It is super important to focus and dedicate ample time, all while consulting with experienced M&A healthcare advisors, to thoroughly researching these aspects below, as failure to do so can result in a highly complex and time-consuming M&A process.


As you consider a merger or acquisition, healthcare M&A advisors believe you must consider the following extra expenses:

  • Tax consequences
  • Capital expenses
  • Comparative ratios
  • Replacement costs

Other Bidders

Remember, you are not the only interested party in an acquisition transaction. You must consider the competition and other firms that may have an eye on the target company, as they may come with a more attractive offer. Similarly, if you own the target firm, do not jump at the first offer that comes your way. Being aware of market trends and competitor activity can help you make informed choices and negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

An Ideal Timeline

The optimal time frame is everything in merging companies. M&A processes could take anywhere from half a year to a few years for everything to go through successfully. 

The best thing you can do is to plan things out and make a timeline. It can help speed up the whole thing and prevent any complications. Also, make sure you keep everyone in the loop because you don’t want any confusion or disagreements. It’s important to let both parties know what’s going on so everyone’s on the same page and there are no surprises. 

Current Market Behavior

Of course, there are a lot of external factors that can make or break your success. You’ll want to do your due diligence by studying the marketplace and really getting to know the products that are out there. And don’t be afraid to reach out to outside experts for their advice and insights! The more you know, the higher your chances of sealing the deal in the most profitable and beneficial way possible. 

State and National Laws

A lot of things people misremember about healthcare mergers or acquisitions are to be aware of antitrust and corporate laws. These are in place to prevent any unfair monopolies and to promote fair competition. You don’t want your business to get caught up in any legal disputes, so make sure you’re in compliance!

Another thing to keep in mind with healthcare mergers, acquisitions, and other legal deals is securities rules and exclusivity agreements. It’s important to be transparent with your investors and clients throughout the deal and process. This includes providing them with all the necessary information so they can make informed decisions about their investments. Failing to do so could lead to all sorts of trouble down the line.

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